Monday, November 08, 2010

0005. Finland - Bengtskar Lighthouse

On 10th Sep'2003, Finland postal department issued 5 (five) stamps featuring Lighthouses in the Gulf of Finland.  Pictured are the Lighthouses of Bengtskar, Harmaja, Russaro, Ronnskar and Soderskar.

Situated 25 kilometers South-West of Hanko, BENGTSKAR Lighthouse stands as a Tallest Lighthouse in Scandinavia.  The Lighthouse stands on the rocky islet in the Gulf of Finland.  The lighthouse was damaged during the World War I and II.  Later on, the lighthouse was renovated and today, the Lighthouse has turned into a Museum.

Built in the year 1906, the BENGTSKAR Lighthouse:
  • Tower is CIRCULAR made of stone
  • ELEVATION is 52 meters above the sea
  • Has 252 steps of the spiral staircase
  • LIGHT character is 3 (THREE) FLASHES every 20 seconds

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