Tuesday, March 26, 2013

0202. Seychelles - Denis Island Lighthouse

The Republic of Seychelles, groups of island scattered across the Western part of the Indian Ocean. The Mahé group consists of rocky, fairly substantial islands and forms the core of the country; the other islands are mostly coral reefs.  The islands see-sawed back and forth between Britain and France during the wars between those countries, finally landing in British hands in 1814.  The country has been independent since 1976.

There is one Lighthouse on Denis Island.  Denis Island, is a small, privately owned coral island, North of Mahé.  The island has been developed as a resort.  The Lighthouse is located at the Northern point of the Denis Island. The original lighthouse was a wooden tower.  But, the wooden Lighthouse deteriorated due to the tropical climate.  Hence, in 1892, a tripod-style lighthouse was built.  The Lighthouse is no longer used for navigation purpose and only serves as a remembrance of the Denis Island History.

The Denis Island Lighthouse was commemorated by Seychelles Post with the release of a 20 cents stamp on 21-Feb-1962. 

Established in the year 1883 (renovated in 1910),  the DENIS ISLAND Lighthouse:
  • Tower is SKELETAL topped by a second skeletal tower
  • Access to the gallery is by an external stairway that zigzags up the legs of the tower
  • Tower painted RED and WHITE HORIZONTAL bands
  • Height is 27 metres
  • Colour scheme of the LIGHT is WHITE
  • LIGHT character is a FLASH every 5 seconds


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