Saturday, September 14, 2013

0208. USA - Portland Head Lighthouse (US New England Coastal LH Series-2013)

The State of Maine, located in the North-Eastern corner of USA has rugged, deeply indented coast with about 70 lighthouse(s).  Portland Head Lighthouse is located at the entrance to Portland Harbor in Maine.

As the trade was burgeoning in the town of Portland, the need of a lighthouse was felt and the first lighthouse completed by the US Government after it assumed control of lighthouse(s) in 1789 and the lighthouse was the most visited, painted and photographed lighthouse in New England.

USPS commemorated the Portland Head Lighthouse (State of Maine) by the release of  a Forever stamp on 13-Jul-2013 in its US New England Coastal Lighthouse Stamp Series-2013 (6th Lighthouse Series).

Built in the year 1791, the Portland Head Lighthouse:
  • Tower is ROUND rubblestone
  • Tower is painted WHITE
  • Lantern, Watch room and Gallery painted BLACK
  • Height is 25 metres
  • Colour scheme of LIGHT is WHITE
  • Light character is a FLASH every 4 seconds

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