Monday, June 27, 2011

0053. Germany - Warnemunde Lighthouse

Warnemunde Lighthouse is a best known landmarks of the Rostack area.  The lighthouse is located in a public square in the downtown Warnemunde from the west bank of the river Warnow. 

The Lighthouse can be climbed by a spiral staircase.  Upto 1978, the Lighthouse was watched by a Lighthouse keeper.  Now, the service is centralized and managed by Sea traffic control centre.

Germany commemorated the Warnemunde Lighthouse by the release of :

1. 15 Pf - Pfennig stamp on 7-May-1974 and
2. 45 Euro Cent stamp on 3-Jul-2008

Built in the year 1898, the Warnemunde Lighthouse:

  • Tower is ROUND TAPERED brick
  • Tower has 2 gallaries, one in the top and the other in the centre
  • Tower is UN-PAINTED very light grey brick
  • Darker bricks used in the lower half of the tower
  • Lattern dome is un-painted green copper
  • Height is 31 metres
  • Colour scheme of the LIGHT is WHITE
  • LIGHT character is 4 (four) FLASHES every 24 seconds in 3+1 pattern
  • Light flashes occur at 0, 3, 6 and 15 seconds in the cycle

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