Sunday, August 07, 2011

0068. Jamaica - Negril Point Lighthouse

The Negril Point Lighthouse is built by a French company.  This Lighthouse is one of the earliest concrete Lighthouses.  The Lighthouse is located at South Negril Point, near the Westernmost point of the Jamaican Island.

Jamaica Post  commemorated  the  Negril Point Lighthouse by the release of 20 Jamaican Dollar stamp on 4-Jul-2011.

Built in 1894, the Negril Point Lighthouse:

  • Tower is ROUND reinforced concrete
  • Tower is painted WHITE
  • Lantern is UNPAINTED gray metal
  • Gallery is painted WHITE
  • Height is 27 meters
  • Colour scheme of LIGHT is RED and WHITE
  • Light character is a FLASH every 2 seconds (alternating RED and WHITE)

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