Wednesday, August 17, 2011

0071. Croatia - Savudrija Lighthouse

Savudrija Lighthouse is the oldest Lighthouse on the Adriatic Sea.  It is the most Northern Croatian Lighthouse, situated near the Slovenian border and South of Italian Town, Trieste.  The Lighthouse marks the Southern entrance to the Gulf of Trieste.

Before World War II, the Lighthouse was known by its Italian name, Punta Salvore.

Croatian Post commemorated the Savudrija Lighthouse by the release of 5 kn (Croatian currency kuna) postage stamp on 14-Sep-2007.

Built in the year 1818, the Savudrija Lighthouse:

  • Tower is ROUND CYLINDRICAL cream-coloured stone
  • Tower is UNPAINTED
  • Lantern is WHITE with Grey metallic roof
  • Tower has double Gallery
  • Height is 29 meters
  • Colour scheme of the LIGHT is WHITE
  • LIGHT character is 3 (three) FLASHES every 15 seconds

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