Friday, October 19, 2012

0189. India - Prongs Lighthouse Cachet

Zoomed picture of the Lighthouse Cachet...

Colaba is a part of the city of Mumbai, India.  The area that is Colaba was originally a region consisting of two islands viz., Colaba and Little Colaba.  The island of Colaba was one of the seven islands of Mumbai ruled by the Portuguese.

Prongs Lighthouse is located South of Colaba Point, the Southernmost point of Salsette Island.  The Lighthouse is accessible only by boat.  This historic lighthouse marks the entrance to Mumbai Harbour, replaced the onshore Colaba Point Lighthouse.  Also, it is one of the few off-shore Lighthouses in the World still staffed.  Further, it was one of the few lighthouses equipped with a cannon to repel pirates.

Prongs Lighthouse is one of the three Lighthouse(s) in the Mumbai Harbour.  The others being, Sunk Rock Lighthouse and Dolphin Lighthouse.

The Prongs Lighthouse (encircled in the FDC) was picturized in the International Fleet Review First Day Cover cachet released by India Post on 18-Feb-2001 . 

Built in the year 1874, the PRONGS Lighthouse:
  • Tower is ROUND tapered stone
  • Tower has lantern and two galleries
  • Tower mounted on a stone pier
  • Tower painted in three HORIZONTAL bands, RED, WHITE and BLACK
  • Height is 44 metres 

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