Saturday, October 20, 2012

0190. Germany - Neuwerk Lighthouse PostMark

The UNESCO WHS 'Wadden Sea' Neuwerk Lighthouse is pictured in the Philatelic Temple of Arms Postmark released by Deutsche Post to commemorate the Nordposta Hamburg 2012, a North German Postage Stamp Exhibition at Rank 3 held from 28th to 30th September 2012.

Neuwerk is an island in the North Sea.  It is located North-West of Duhnen.  Built as a Watch-tower in 1300 by Hamburg, this Lighthouse is the oldest building on the German Coast.  As a day beacon, it has served for 500 years and then, got converted to a Lighthouse by the addition of a large lantern on the roof.  It is now a National Historic site.  The Lighthouse is located at the Southern end of the Island and it is accessible by passenger ferry from Cuxhaven. 

This is one of the Lighthouse on the North Sea coast in the Cushaven area of Germany and along the South side of Elbe estuary in the Stade District, downstream from Hamburg.

Established in 1814, the NEUWERK Lighthouse:
  • Tower is SQUARE masonry
  • Lantern centered on a SQUARE PYRAMIDAL roof
  • Height is 39 metres 
  • Colour scheme of the Light is WHITE, RED or GREEN depending on direction
  • Light character is 3 (three) LONG (2 seconds) every 20 seconds
My sincere thanks to Wolfgang Beyer from Germany for sending me this German Post Mark of Neuwerk Lighthouse.

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