Thursday, July 14, 2011

0057. New Zealand - Government Life Insurance Office

New Zealand Government Life Insurance Department in 1890 was allowed to use a distinctive stamp of its own.  This made the office unique in-so-far as no other Life Insurance Institution in the World enjoyed such a privilege. 

Over the years the stamps were limited to the prepayment of postage on correspondence posted by the Government Life Insurance office for delivery within New Zealand but on 27 March 1969 this condition was relaxed and the stamps could be used on mail to both inland and overseas addresses. 

1969 marked the centenary of the founding of the Government Life Insurance Office and a new series of stamps was issued to mark this occasion. Lighthouses, the symbol of the New Zealand Government Life Insurance Department, were the subject depicted in the stamps.

The 1981 series of Government Life Insurance Stamp Issue was released on 3-Jun-1981 with different denomination and colours:

5c - Pastel blue, light blue and mauve
10c - Light grey, light blue and red
20c - Cerise, yellow and brown
30c - Pastel brown, light blue and military grey
40c - Orange, yellow and dark grey
50c - Pastel green, light green and brown

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