Monday, July 18, 2011

0061. Germany - Hornum Sylt Lighthouse Picture Cancellation

The picture cancellation released by Germany depicts the Hornum Sylt Lighthouse.

Sylt is a barrier island facing due west on the North Sea.  The island has been connected to the mainland by a causeway.  The causeway carries a rail line, which is popular way to reach the island's many beach resorts.

The Lighthouse is located atop a dune on the South-East side of the Sylt in the village of Hornum.  It's a beautiful and popular lighthouse, sibling of the Pellworm and Westerhever Lighthouse(s).  

Built in the year 1907, the Hornum Sylt Lighthouse:

  • Tower is ROUND cast-iron
  • Tower mounted on 1-story concrete base
  • Tower painted RED with one WHITE horizontal band
  • Tower has Lantern and double gallery
  • Lantern and Galleries painted BLACK
  • Height is 34 metres
  • Colour scheme of the LIGHT is WHITE
  • LIGHT character is 2 (two) FLASHES separated by 2.6 seconds every 9 seconds

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