Friday, November 04, 2011

0098. Jersey - Demie de Pas Lighthouse

The Demie de Pas Lighthouse is located on a rock off the Harbour of St.Helier on the South-East coast of the Jersey Island.

In 1984, the color of the Lighthouse was changed from its original White color paint.  Also, in the same year the original lantern was removed with the present one.

Jersey Post commemorated the Demie de Pass Lighthouse by the release of 38p stamp on 5-Oct-1999

Built in 1904, the Demie de Pas Lighthouse:
  • Tower is concrete block
  • Tower has a small lantern
  • Tower is painted YELLOW-ORANGE in the upper portion
  • Tower is painted BLACK in the lower portion
  • Height is 13 meters
  • Colour scheme of LIGHT is RED or WHITE depending on direction
  • Light character is 3 seconds ON, 1 seconds OFF ; 1 seconds ON, 1 seconds OFF; 1 seconds ON, 5 seconds OFF (Flash pattern is the Morse code for D representing the name of the Lighthouse)
  • Lighthouse is accessible by boat

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