Monday, November 21, 2011

0100. Croatia - Blitvenica Lighthouse

Remote from the group of islets and the farthest from the coast of Zirje rests isolated Blitvenica.  The Lighthouse is located on a tiny island about 7 kms South-West of Zirje and about 30 kms South-West of Sibenik.  The islet arises from the deep sea.  The surrounding of the islet is rich in variety of fishes.

The Blitvenica Lighthouse is one of the several very isolated Croatian Light Stations in the Adriatic Sea.  The construction of the Lighthouse was very slow.  Rough sea and the unsuitability for landing and unloading building material have prolonged the building.  Also, it is impossible to disembark on Blitvenica when one wishes; it can be done only when the sea "permits" it.  Sea currents are strong and dangerous because of great depths around Blitvenica.

The Lighthouse was automated in 1990.

Croatian Post commemorated the Blitvenica Lighthouse by the release of 7.10 kn (Croatian currency kuna) postage stamp on 18-Oct-2011.

Built in 1872, the Blitvenica Lighthouse:
  • Tower is OCTAGONAL stone
  • Tower attached to a 2-storey Keeper's house
  • Tower is UNPAINTED
  • Lantern is painted WHITE
  • Height is 21 meters
  • Colour scheme of LIGHT is WHITE
  • Light character is 2 (two) FLASHES every 30 seconds
  • Lighthouse is accessible only by boat 


  1. Is this one stamp from the set of 3 ?

  2. Yes, this is one of the 3 stamps released by Croatian Post... The other two were Mulo Lighthouse and Prisnjak Lighthouse...