Saturday, October 01, 2011

0090. Great Britain - Bell Rock Lighthouse

The Bell Rock Lighthouse also called as Inchcape, is in an extremely dangerous reef that barely breaks the surface at low tide.  The construction of the Lighthouse took four years and was justely considered as one of the greatest greatest triumphs of early 19th century engineering.

The Light remains one of the World's most famous wave swept Light Towers.  The Lighthouse is located in the open North Sea about 19 kms South-East of Arbroath.  The Lighthouse is accessible only by boat in very dangerous seas. 

Great Britain commemorated the Bell Rock Lighthouse by the release of 43p stamp on 24-Mar-1998. The band at the foot of the stamp shows the Lighting characteristics [Alternating flashing of White and Red]

Built in 1811, the Bell Rock Lighthouse:
  • Tower is TAPERED stone
  • Tower is painted WHITE 
  • Tower is painted BROWN at the base
  • Lantern is painted BLACK
  • Height is 36 meters
  • Colour scheme of LIGHT is WHITE and RED
  • Light character is ALTERNATING FLASH every 2 seconds


  1. I would be interested to know how you developed fascination for light houses? :)
    It's great collection here and I read your blog regularly.

    Nisha - Le Monde-A Poetic Travail

  2. I fascinated due to the different... structure(s), height(s), colour band(s), light character(s), proximity viz., some onshore and some are off-shore and some are on buoy(s) etc..