Tuesday, October 04, 2011

0092. Germany - Kampen Lighthouse Picture Cancellation

The Kampen Lighthouse is located on the geestland, core of the German's island of Sylt, South of Kampen.  When the Sylt belonged to the Danish in 1853, King Frederick VII ordered the construction of a Lighthouse on the Sylt's highest elevation, the red cliff.

The tower was first lit in 1856.  The petroleum lantern at that time was a technical revolution.  The tower was originally constructed from yellow Bornholm bricks and was reinforced with Iron rings in 1875.

In 1929, the entire lantern house was altered and light source was changed from petroleum to electricity.  Until 1953, the Lighthouse used to be greyish-yellow, the colour of the whithered bricks.  Only then it was painted with its present characteristics Black and White.  Since 1977, there are no Lighthouse keepers, as all the active lights on Sylt are remotely controlled by a time switch in Koblenz.

On 4-Jun-2006, the Lighthouse celebrated its 150th anniversary.

The picture cancellation released by the Deutschepost depicts the Kampen Lighthouse.

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