Thursday, October 13, 2011

0095. Cyprus - Paphos Lighthouse

The Paphos Lighthouse is located at the South-Western corner of the Island, where the Lighthouse served as the landfall light for ships arriving from Britain.  The Lighthouse is on a promontory projecting into the Mediterranean at Paphos.

This Lighthouse - British Imperial tower is the best known and most visited Lighthouse(s) of Cyprus and stands next to a 2nd century Roman amphitheater.

Department of Postal Services, Cyprus commemorated the Paphos Lighthouse by the release of Euro 0.34 stamp on 4-May-2011

Built in 1888, the Paphos Lighthouse:
  • Tower is ROUND stone
  • Tower is painted WHITE
  • Height is 20 meters
  • Colour scheme of LIGHT is WHITE
  • Light character is 1 (one) LONG FLASH every 15 seconds

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