Friday, January 06, 2012

0106. Guernsey - Les Hanois Lighthouse (Maxi Card)

The Les Hanois Lighthouse is located on a rocky reef at the South-Western point of the Guernsey Island, marking the Westernmost point of the Channel Islands.  The Lighthouse was the first to be built with granite blocks interlocking both laterally and vertically.  The Lighthouse was designed by James Douglass.  For Wave swept Towers, this became the standard.

Guernsey Post commemorated the Les Hanois Lighthouse by the release of 4p (penny) postage stamp on 10-Feb-1976.

Built in 1862, the Les Hanois Lighthouse:
  • Tower is TAPERED granite
  • Tower has keeper's quarters, lantern, gallery and a helipad above lantern
  • Tower is painted WHITE
  • Height is 36 meters
  • Colour scheme of LIGHT is WHITE
  • Light character is 2 (two) FLASHES separated by 3.2 secs, every 13 seconds
  • Lighthouse is accessible only by helicopter

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