Thursday, January 26, 2012

0122. USA - American Shoals Lighthouse (US Coast Guard LH Series-1990)

American Shoals Lighthouse located South-East of Key West.  The Lighthouse is close to Looe Key in Florida, USA.  The Lighthouse was completed in 1880 and lit in 15-Jul-1880.  The structure of the Lighthouse was same as that of Fowey Rocks Lighthouse which was completed in 1878.

The Lighthouse was automated in year 1963 with a 4th order lens with Solar-powered light. The Lighthouse was on the outermost reefs and was covered with 1 metre of water. 

USPS commemorated the American Shoals Lighthouse (State of Florida - US Eastern Coast) by the release of  25c stamp on 26-Apr-1990 in its US Coast Guard Lighthouse Stamp Series-1990.

The 1990 Lighthouse Stamp series is to commemorate the US Coast Guard Bicentennial and US Lighthouse Service and also the series represented one Lighthouse from each of the main coastal regions in the United States.

Built in the year 1880, the American Shoals Lighthouse:
  • Tower is OCTAGONAL PYRIMIDAL wrought-iron
  • Tower has Octagonal 2-storey keeper's house
  • Tower is painted REDDISH BROWN with central cylinder WHITE
  • Height is 34 mtres
  • Colour scheme of LIGHT is WHITE
  • Light character is 3 (three) FLASHES every 15 seconds
  • Flashes separated by 2.5 secs (2 red sectors cover dangerous shoals)

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