Thursday, January 12, 2012

0109. India - Fort Aguada Lighthouse

Fort Aguada Lighthouse is located in Fort Aguada, a 16th century Portuguese fortification, about 10 km West of Panaji, the capital of the Goa State. 

The Fort Aguada built in 1612 comprises a Lower Fort with bastions all around and an Upper Fort.  It skirts the seashore and ascends the summit of the bare rocky, upland called Aguada Point.  The Upper Fort was built as a vantage point to serve the ships.  While the Lower Fort offers a safe berth to Portuguese Ships.  The Upper Fort comprises of Moat, an underground Water Storage Chamber, Lighthouse, Gun powder room and Bastions. 

The word Aguada means 'Watering Place' in Portuguese.  The Water Tank storage capacity is 23,76,000 gallons.  It has 5 division with a support of 16 huge columns and a staircase to descend.  The Lighthouse, at initial stage used to emit light once in 7 minutes. In 1834, updated to emit light creating eclipse every 30 seconds.

In 1841, an Oil lamp was exhibited from a mast erected inside Aguada Fort - built by the Portuguese.  The circular masonry Lighthouse tower was built in 1864 and an Wick Lamp with 6th order optic was placed on it.  In 1906, PV equipment with a 4th order optic replaced the oil lamp.  The equipment were of Portuguese origin.

The Lighthouse was a wonderful old building and was in service till 1970s. 

The Fort Aguada Lighthouse is seen in the backdrop in the postage stamp released by India Post on 19-Dec-2011 to commemorate the Golden Jubilee celebration of Goa (where the lighthouse is located) Liberation Day.

Built in 1864, the Fort Aguada Lighthouse:
  • Tower is ROUND stone
  • Tower, lantern and gallery are painted WHITE
  • Height is 13 meters

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