Wednesday, August 15, 2012

0167. Germany - Heligoland Lighthouse PostMark

The Heligoland Lighthouse (English Lighthouse) is pictured in the Philatelic Temple Square Postmark released by Deutsche Post to commemorate the Participation of the German Postal Philately at Lighthouse Day on Helgoland in 2012.

Heligoland Lighthouse is located on Germany's only Off-shore Island.  In 1811, when Heligoland was under British rule, the first Lighthouse on Heligoland had been built by the British Lighthouse Agency, 'Trinity House'.  The so-called "English Lighthouse" reached a maximum height of 67 metres above mean sea level.

The Lighthouse served an important aid to navigation in the German Bight because its light was visible roughly twice as far as that of Cuxhaven Lighthouse which had been established a few years before.  The English Lighthouse was torn down soon after the inauguration of a new building in 1902.  The lantern and optics were moved to Fehmarn Island in the Baltic Sea where they were mounted at Staberhuk Lighthouse.

The Prussian administration ordered for the construction of new Lighthouse in 1902.  But, in 1945, the Lighthouse was destructed due to the war.  The Lighthouse was constructed as a ROUND brick tower from the same plans as that of Cape Arkona Light on Rugen in the Baltic Sea.

The present Lighthouse was actually built in 1941 as an anti-aircraft tower constructed during WW-II was turned into a Lighthouse in 1952.  The Lighthouse features the strongest light on the German North Sea with a range of 28 nm so that it can be seen as far as on the East Frisian or the North Frisian Islands.

My sincere thanks to Wolfgang Beyer from Germany for sending me this German Post Mark of Heligoland Lighthouse.

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