Friday, June 22, 2012

0132. Isle of Man - Port St. Mary Harbour Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is located at the end of the inner pier of Port St. Mary, which is on the South-Western part of the Isle of Man.  The Port St. Mary has two harbour(s), the inner harbour with its pier created in 1812 and the outer harbour when Alfred Pier was built in 1882.

The Port St. Mary Harbour Lighthouse was commemorated by Isle of Man Post Office with the release of £1.60 (Manx Pound) stamp on 2-Apr-2012 under Harbour Lights (Minor Lighthouses around the Isle of Man).

The Port St. Mary Harbour Lighthouse:
  • Tower is OCTAGONAL CYLINDRICAL masonry
  • Tower painted WHITE with SINGLE narrow RED HORIZONTAL band
  • Height is 7 metres
  • Colour scheme of LIGHT is RED
  • Light character is 2 seconds ON; 1 seconds OFF

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