Sunday, June 24, 2012

0134. Croatia - St. Peter Lighthouse

The St. Peter Lighthouse has been one of the most prominent symbols of Makarska.  The Lighthouse is located 800 meters away from the centre of Makarska towards South-West.  The Lighthouse of St. Peter is included in the Cultural-Historical Project of "Stone Lights".  It has become one of the main tourist destination from May to October.

The Lighthouse is located on the tip of a forested peninsula and surrounded by one of the most beautiful nearby pebble beaches of the Adriatic Sea.

The Lighthouse was named after the promontory on which it was built.  The Lighthouse can be seen from all sailing directions because of the configuration of nearby coast.  Also, when seen from the sea, the unusual tower of the Lighthouse with the peaks of the Biokovo Mountain in the backgroud, seems even lower so that the Lighthouse resembles to a kind of wooden countryside living.

The St. Peter Lighthouse was commemorated by Croatian Post with the release of 3.10 HRK (Croatian Kuna) stamp on 31-May-2012.

Built in 1884, the St. Peter Lighthouse:
  • Tower is SQUARE CYLINDRICAL stone
  • The lantern and gallery are centered on a square one storey keeper's house
  • Tower UNPAINTED GREY stone
  • Height is 14 metres
  • Colour scheme of LIGHT is WHITE
  • Light character is a FLASH every 5 seconds

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