Wednesday, July 04, 2012

0141. Norway - Medfjordbåen Lighthouse

Medfjordbåen Lighthouse is located  in the lower Oslofjord off the west coast, North-East of Tonsberg.  The Lighthouse stands outside Slagentangen in the county of Vestfold.  Medfjordbåen Lighthouse is a familiar rounding mark in the annual Faerder Regatta, on the way to Asgardstrand and Horten.  

Medfjordbåen Lighthouse was commemorated by Norway Post in its Norwegian Lighthouse Series-III with the release of a domestic / inland stamp on 15-Jun-2012.  The First vertical stamp released in this Norwegian Lighthouse Series.

Built in the year 1876, the Medfjordbåen Lighthouse:
  • Tower is slender ROUND CYLINDRICAL
  • Tower supports a ROUND watch room with small lantern on the roof
  • Height is 13 metres
  • Colour scheme of the LIGHT is WHITE or RED or GREEN depending on direction
  • LIGHT character is OCCULTING 3 times every 8 seconds

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