Sunday, July 08, 2012

0143. New Zealand (North Island) - Cape Reinga Lighthouse (Tiki Tour)...

The Tiki Tour termed in New Zealand,  is known as "roundabout way" or "scenic route" in other countries.  Tiki Tour is all about enjoying the journey as much as the destination, and checking out as many national icons as you can along the way.

Tiki Tour stamp album is the new edition of 24 stamps designed to capture the "get up and go" spirit of the classic Kiwi Tiki Tour, celebrating so many of the New Zealand's home-grown fascination(s) across the land.  The unique Wildlife, Landscapes, Buildings, Statues and Industries are all there in the Tiki Tour stamp sheet.

On 5-Aug-2009, New Zealand Post released the Tiki Tour of New Zealand No.1 stamp sheet which had 24 gummed stamp(s), with each of them denominated 50 cents.  The Cape Reinga Lighthouse was commemorated on this Tiki Tour stamp sheet.

The details about the Lighthouse is available in my earlier post #0033...

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