Tuesday, July 24, 2012

0155. Norway - Jomfruland Lighthouse

Norway, the Land of Midnight Sun, has large number of lighthouses along its coastline of 60,000 km long.  Jomfruland Lighthouse is located near the center of the Jomfruland island which comes under the Telemark county of Larvik Area.  Jomfruland is a low island, lying parallel to the coast of the Skagerrak off the mouth of the Kragerofjord.  The location houses the inactive old round brick tower built in 1839.

Jomfruland Lighthouse was commemorated by Norway Post in its Norwegian Lighthouse Series-I with the release of a domestic / inland stamp on 1-Sep-2005.

Built in the year 1938, the Jomfruland Lighthouse:
  • Tower is ROUND cast-iron
  • Tower painted WHITE
  • Lantern dome painted RED
  • Height is 31 metres
  • Colour scheme of the LIGHT is WHITE
  • LIGHT character is CONTINUOUS with a brighter FLASH every 15 seconds

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