Thursday, September 06, 2012

0174. Germany - Obereversand Lighthouse PostMark

The Obereversand Lighthouse is pictured in the Philatelic Temple Square Postmark released by Deutsche Post to commemorate the Participation of the Deutsche Post Philately on 6th Lighthouse Festival on the occasion of the 125th Anniversary of the Obereversand Lighthouse. 

Obereversand Lighthouse is located on the waterfront at Dorum.  The foundation of the Lighthouse was undermined and the tower was in danger of collapse by 1990s.  The Lighthouse preservation society, in 1999, relocated and restored the Lighthouse.  In 2003, the Lighthouse was lifted off its foundation(s) and barged to the harbour of Dorum, where it was installed on a new foundation just offshore and fully restored.  A pier and external stairway provides access to the gallery and lantern room.  The Light was relit in 2004.  

Established in 1887, the OBEREVERSAND Lighthouse:
  • Tower is SQUARE cast iron
  • Tower painted DARK BROWN
  • Tower mounted on a SQUARE SKELETAL foundation
  • Height is 34 metres 
  • Colour scheme of the Light is WHITE
  • Light character is CONTINUOUS
My sincere thanks to Wolfgang Beyer from Germany for sending me this German Post Mark of Obereversand Lighthouse.

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