Thursday, September 20, 2012

0180. Srilanka - Lighthouse(s) Miniature Sheet Overprint

Srilanka Post commemorated the Lighthouses of Sri Lanka by the release of Rs.500 (LKR) Miniature Sheet with Overprint on 23.25 (LKR) on 15-Sep-2010.  The Lighthouse(s) commemorated were: 

1. Little Basses Lighthouse 0.50 cents value
2. Great Basses Lighthouse 0.75 cents value
3. Devinuwara (Dondra) Lighthouse 2.00 (LKR) value
4. Galle Lighthouse 20.00 (LKR) value

My sincere thanks to D.P. Jayathillake from Sri Lanka for sending me this Overprint Lighthouse Miniature Sheet.

NOTE : Details about the Lighthouse(s) and the earlier Miniature Sheet are available in my Post Nos.0111 to 0113 and 0118 to 0119....

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