Saturday, September 22, 2012

0181. New Zealand (North Island) - Castle Point Lighthouse (Tiki Tour-2)...

Castle Point Lighthouse is one of the New Zealand's Eastern Coast Lighthouses in the Wellington region.  Castle Point Lighthouse is located at the end of Castlepoint road South-East of Masterton.  The Lighthouse was pre-fabricated in Wellington.  The causeway connecting the Lighthouse station to the mainland was demolished in 2008 because it had become unsafe, but it is still possible to reach the lighthouse on foot except during the high tides.

The Lighthouse built in 1913 was originally fueled by oil.  In 1954, the oil lamp was replaced with electric powered by diesel generator.  In 1961, this was replaced by a connection to the electrical mains grid.  The Lighthouse and the Castle Point beach were popular tourist attraction and acquired the nickname The Holiday Light.  The light was fully automated in 1988 and it is owned and operated by Maritime New Zealand.

Castle Point Lighthouse was highlighted in the Tiki Tour of New Zealand No.2 stamp sheet released by New Zealand Post on 4-Jul-2012.

Built in the year 1913, the CASTLE POINT Lighthouse:
  • Tower is ROUND cast-iron
  • Tower painted WHITE
  • Lantern roof painted GRAY
  • Height is 23 metres
  • Colour scheme of the LIGHT is WHITE
  • LIGHT character is THREE FLASHES every 30 seconds

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