Monday, September 19, 2011

0078. Greece - Chania Lighthouse

The Chania Lighthouse is the oldest Lighthouse still in operation.  It still saves the Greek shores in Mediterranean waters.  The Lighthouse was operated by French Ottoman Lighthouse Company in 1864.   The stone base of this lighthouse is part of 15th century Venetian Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse is located at the end of the breakwater mole on the East side of the entrance to Chania Harbor, near the North-Western corner of Crete.  It was included in the Greek Lighthouse Network in 1913.  In recent years, Chania has become a popular cruise ship port, making this one of the best-known and most-often-photographed Greek Lighthouses.

Hellenic Post commemorated the Chania Lighthouse by the release of Euro 0.70 stamp on 21-Aug-2009

Built in 1864, the Chania Lighthouse:
  • Tower is ROUND CYLINDRICAL stone
  • Tower mounted on a much older stone base
  • Tower consists of three sections with different cross-section
  • Lighthouse is UNPAINTED WHITE stone
  • Lantern painted WHITE
  • Height is 26 meters
  • Colour scheme of LIGHT is RED
  • Light character is a FLASH every 2.5 seconds

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