Friday, September 23, 2011

0082. Alderney - Les Casquets Lighthouse (1818 - Revolving Apparatus Light Source)

The Les Casquets Lighthouse was upgraded with an apparatus to rotate a beam of light in 1818.  This had a clockwork mechanism which was wound up every hour and a half and gave 1 (one) flash every 15 seconds.

On 31-Oct-1823, the Lighthouses were badly damaged due to severe storm.  The towers were raised by 10 meters in 1854 and equipped with lamps which gave three slow flashes every half minute.  In 1877, the North-West Tower was raised and the lights in the other two nearby towers discontinued.

Guernsey Postal Administration commemorated the Golden Jubilee of Electrification of the Les Casquets Lighthouse by the release of 45p stamp on 30-Jul-2002 which depicts the Revolving Apparatus Light Source of the Lighthouse.

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