Thursday, November 11, 2010

0007. Finland - Lighthouse (250th Anniversary of Finnish Maritime Administration)

Maritime and Lighthouse always move hand-on-hand. 

Here, the Finnish Maritime Administration celebrated its 250th Anniversary in 1946.  To commemorate the anniversary, a stamp was released on 19-Sep-1946. 

The stamp priced 8 Finnish Markka has an image of a Lighthouse alongwith a Marine Ship in the back-drop.

0006. Estonia - Pakri Tuletorn Lighthouse

Pakri Tuletorn Lighthouse is located in the Pakri Peninsula of Estonia.  It is the first lighthouse in the Pakri peninsula.  Estonia Post commemorated this highest lighthouse by releasing a Stamp valued at 1 kroon 70 senti and a Picture cancellation on 5-Jul-1995.

Built in the year 1889, the PAKRI TULETORN Lighthouse:

  • Tower is CONICAL brick
  • Height is around 52 meters
  • Color scheme of the LIGHT is WHITE
  • LIGHT character is 1 (ONE) FLASH every 15 seconds

Monday, November 08, 2010

0005. Finland - Bengtskar Lighthouse

On 10th Sep'2003, Finland postal department issued 5 (five) stamps featuring Lighthouses in the Gulf of Finland.  Pictured are the Lighthouses of Bengtskar, Harmaja, Russaro, Ronnskar and Soderskar.

Situated 25 kilometers South-West of Hanko, BENGTSKAR Lighthouse stands as a Tallest Lighthouse in Scandinavia.  The Lighthouse stands on the rocky islet in the Gulf of Finland.  The lighthouse was damaged during the World War I and II.  Later on, the lighthouse was renovated and today, the Lighthouse has turned into a Museum.

Built in the year 1906, the BENGTSKAR Lighthouse:
  • Tower is CIRCULAR made of stone
  • ELEVATION is 52 meters above the sea
  • Has 252 steps of the spiral staircase
  • LIGHT character is 3 (THREE) FLASHES every 20 seconds