Tuesday, May 06, 2014

0217. Germany - Brunsbuttel Mole-1 Lighthouse

The Brunsbutter Mole-1 Lighthouse is located in the city of Brunsbutteler city.  It helps as one of the navigation point for vessel traffic on the river Elbe and the entrance to the North Sea-Baltic Canal.  

Brunsbuttel Mole Lighthouse was commemorated by Deutsche Post with the release of 45 Euro Cent stamp on 7-Jul-2005.

Established in the year 1895, the Brunsbutter Mole-1 Lighthouse:
  • Tower is OCTAGONAL cast-iron
  • Tower with lantern and Upper and Lower galleries
  • Tower mounted on an Octagonal stone base
  • Upper 2/3 (above the lower gallery) painted WHITE ; Lower 1/3 painted BLACK
  • Height is 11 metres
  • Colour scheme of the LIGHT is WHITE or GREEN depending on direction
  • LIGHT character is CONTINUOUS

My sincere thanks to Hannes, Germany for sending me the stamp.

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  1. Hi K,
    If you have some free time, I would like to introduce to you one of my favorite stamp websites, StampWorld.com. I checked out their Catalogue and found all their Lighthouse stamps. Simply go to Advanced Search, and choose from Motive: Architecture, Buildings, Lighthouses. Or you can type in the Title/Description: Lighthouse, and you will be shown the list of lighthouse stamps.
    I have checked out this stamp you have shown, and I have found it in StampWorld too, July 7 2005 issue of Germany lighthouse stamps. It’s a really great site to cross-check your stamps, and I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun there.