Tuesday, August 26, 2014

0218. Iceland - Vattarnes Lighthouse

The Vattarnes Lighthouse is located in prominent cape on the south side of the entrance to the Reyoarfjorour, South-East coast of Iceland.  The lantern and the gas equipment of this lighthouse came from Sweden and the lighthouse was fitted with a 500 mm lens.

In 1957, a new lighthouse was built on Vattarnestangi.  The Lighthouse is operational and can be accessed by road.

Iceland Post in its Lighthouse Series - III commemorated the Vattarnes Lighthouse by releasing a stamp on 12-Sep-2013 and it is valued at Icelandic Krona 120 for Domestic 50g.

Built in the year 1912, the VATTARNES Lighthouse:

  • Tower is CYLINDRICAL concrete
  • Painted YELLOW
  • Lantern painted RED
  • Height is 12 metres
  • Colour scheme of the LIGHT is WHITE or RED or GREEN depending on direction
  • LIGHT character is 2 (two) FLASHES every 15 seconds
  • Run on electricity from the power grid while gas was used as an alternative energy source

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